Paper Stars is my… 4th or 5th blog? I started blogging in the updates section of one of my websites and after a while, realized I should make an actual blog. I’ve moved around to different domains over the years, and then opened Paper Stars in December 2018!

The name comes from my love of origami. Though I thought about naming it after origami cranes, I went with origami stars instead. A couple coworkers and I folded a bunch of origami stars, placed them in jars, and gave them to our teams. I love that we each have a jar of stars at our desk now, and thus, the name Paper Stars came about.

Though this blog opened in 2018, you’ll see entries older than that here. I’ve imported some (but not all) of the entries I wrote on my previous blog, Silent White. I also don’t follow a specific niche or category for my personal blogs. I tend to write whatever is on my mind, whether it’s a certain topic, what’s happening in my life, or something about my hobbies.

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