August 30th, 2018

Welcome to the world, baby Talia

On August 22 at 2:35am, I gave birth to our baby daughter, Talia!

We’re both doing well! The first couple of days were really rough, but the nurses at the hospital were great, and we were discharged on the 24th.

I have to admit that I set my expectations low ahead of time, such that I expected to hate and be miserable during the newborn period. I always hear from other people about how tiring and hard it is, and I knew that I’d have to be breastfeeding every 2-3 hours, which means not being able to sleep through the night anymore.

While some parts are really hard and I am still physically recovering and am definitely tired, I’m not hating it. Seeing Tali’s cute face and little movements just melts my heart. I seriously love her. It also helps that my parents live close by. They’ve been coming over to bring food and watch over Tali when my husband and I need a nap. Plus, my husband has been very supportive and even decided to quit his job to be a stay-at-home dad.

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August 4th, 2018

Recap: July 2018

Whoops, I didn’t mean to go a month without blogging. I even had several drafts written up, but I just haven’t had the motivation to finish them up. I’ve reached the point of my pregnancy where sleeping is troublesome, so I’m often just… tired. After I come home from work, I have dinner, nap, and then waste time before bed time again. Then the cycle repeats!

More Baby Stuff

We took a birthing class in July! If labor didn’t already freak me out, now I’m still freaked out… but with more knowledge. Though in all seriousness, that was an amazingly informative class. (Spoiler alert: being in labor and giving birth is nothing like what TV and the movies make it out to be.)

That class also made me want to hire a doula. If you don’t know what a doula is, don’t worry. I honestly didn’t know until just a few months ago. They’re kind of like a non-medical labor assistant. They don’t do the medical things that nurses, doctors, or midwives do, but they do stay with you throughout labor and act as your support and advocate. They typically have a variety of techniques to help you cope with labor and get the baby in a good position, and if a decision needs to be made, they make sure you feel informed and confident with what you choose.

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July 4th, 2018

Recap: June 2018

June was another busy month where most of my hobbies took a back seat! From dealing with baby stuff to having out of town guests, June was quite a blur for me.

Baby Stuff

Being in my third trimester means that my doctor appointments are more frequent now, changing from every 4 weeks to every 2 weeks. (Then later, it’ll be every week.) We also started taking baby classes!

In June, my husband and I attended two 2.5 hour classes offered by the hospital I go to. One was for breastfeeding and the other was a “baby care bootcamp”. At first, we were like… why is the breastfeeding class so long…?? But it ended up being a lot of information we didn’t know, and it was really informative and useful. I actually got more out of that than the “baby care bootcamp” one, which briefly went over several things about taking care of a baby. In July, we start birthing classes!

We also started putting together the nursery. There’s still more to do, but we have most of the furniture, and I started decorating it.

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