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January 21st, 2016

Project 52, finale and retrospective

I finished my Project 52 in the last week of 2015! This is the finale! To begin, I want to look back on the project and what I’ve learned from it. In my first entry, I mentioned that I completed a Project 365 in the past, and it just felt like a recording of my life through photos. While that’s nice, I really wanted a photography challenge, which is where the one serious photo a week idea came in.

These are the positive things that came out of it:

  • I took more photos and used my DSLR more frequently.
  • I took many photos that I would not have taken otherwise. For example, I purposely went out to take photos and also began exploring toy photography more.


  • I fine tuned my techniques for taking photos indoors. Since I work during the day, it can be hard to take outdoor photos before dark and sometimes the weather doesn’t cooperate. I learned to make my own indoor set-up and am still improving it.


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December 19th, 2015

Project 52, part 10

This is the second to last Project 52 recap! I have to admit that the longer this project went on, the worst I got about it. A few times I took the photo a day or two late, and they weren’t planned out that well. I think the problem is when I’m busy post processing photos, I’m not thinking about taking even more photos. The weeks where I seemed to slack were after photoshoots or trips, which were when I was already dealing with a large set of photos.

So here is the recap for weeks 44-48!

#44 – Scott Pilgrim
Four coworkers and I did a Scott Pilgrim group for Halloween! The two who dressed as Scott Pilgrim and Stephen Stills even brought in their bass and guitar for the costumes 🙂


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October 24th, 2015

Project 52, part 9

It’s amazing how behind you can feel after being gone for only a week. It’s short enough where people will wait until you get back to ask or talk to you about something, and it’s long enough that tasks just pile up. So where was I the past week?

10/13-10/16: A few coworkers and I attended the Grace Hopper Celebration for Women in Computing, which is a tech conference for women (though men could attend too). There were 12,000 attendees this year, and it looked like about 90% were women. That’s pretty amazing. I’ve been in the Computer Science field for 12 years (4 in school, 8 in industry) and that was my first time surrounded by so many women in tech!

10/17: Even though it was a Saturday, I went to work! We had a group of interns come to our office for internship interviews, and I interviewed four of them.

10/18-10/20: My husband and I flew to West Point, NY and met up with some of his family to bury his paternal grandmother. Both sides of his family were military families that grew up in West Point, and his grandmother wanted to be buried alongside her late husband there. I had the pleasure of meeting her once for our wedding, and hearing stories about how much she meant to everyone made me wish I knew her more. It was a lovely trip though, especially since I hadn’t been in this area of NY in a while. I talk about visiting NYC often, but little known fact: I actually grew up in Poughkeepsie!

And so, I’ve been playing catch-up since I got back. I’m behind on work, reading blogs, and posting about my Project 52. Let’s start with catching up on the last one!

#37 – Greatest Swordsman
This probably looks familiar because I already showed it in my last Favorite Things entry! Like I said in that entry, Zoro is one of my favorite characters, and this is my most recent figure purchase. To make this photo work, I had to get the lighting and camera angle under him. Otherwise, his bandana would cast a shadow over his eyes.


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