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June 27th, 2016

Recent Goodies, #2

Last week was a rough one when it came to work, which I won’t go into details because this is a public blog. It was definitely stressful and was filled with anxiety and restless nights. By the end of the week, I felt so tired, and the weekend was a definite relief.

A pick-me-up during the week was that I had unintentionally done some retail therapy. Things I had ordered earlier happened to come in around the same time. So… let’s go over those instead!

Vans x Nintendo

I love Vans shoes, and I also love Nintendo. I was so excited when I heard about the collaboration, though after I saw the designs, I wasn’t a fan of all of them (probably a good thing for my wallet). I did find a couple that I liked though and totally fell in love with them when they arrived!


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July 26th, 2015

Project 52, part 7

Aahh, July has been so busy that I’m behind on reading blogs! The past two weeks have especially been busy when it comes to work.

Two weeks ago, my company decided to do a Fix-It Week with all developers to pay off some “technical debt”. With so many developers and sometimes looming deadlines, we’ve all done some things quickly that we meant to go back and fix. We also use Ruby on Rails which is constantly evolving and our code must change along with it.

I led one of the teams (of about 10 people) to update some outdated frontend code. There were 279 instances of a pattern we wanted to rewrite, and we managed to rewrite all of them! I was so proud of my team that I baked them cupcakes at the end of the week to celebrate 😀

Now 4 other developers and I are taking the task of getting the code together for a release, and that’s taking up my time for the next couple weeks. I also spent all day Friday at a Javascript conference! It was a single track conference with 15 speakers. The talks varied but were mostly about Javascript, CSS, and other client-side things (performance, security, etc). Though it was a tiring day, I really enjoyed it. I will have a separate entry about my day there!

With July almost over, that means it’s time for another Project 52 recap! This is for weeks 27-30, which is the first week of July up til now.

#27 – Summer Grilling
Though we didn’t do anything special for the Independence Day weekend, we made sure we at least did some grilling. Bratwursts and corn are a couple of our favorites to cook on the grill 😀


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June 2nd, 2015

My favorite things: June 2015


Thanks to those who were concerned and asked if I was ok because of the recent flooding! Some of you might know that Texas and Oklahoma have been getting a ridiculous amount of rain, which has caused severe flooding in some cities. I live in Austin, which did flood, but mainly in and near the downtown areas. I live in the north part of Austin, which fortunately didn’t flood. We just lost power a few times, and that was it.

On a positive note, the weather has been great lately (no more rain!), and it’s time for another entry to the My Favorite Things link up! Here’s what I’ve been loving the past month.



I’m a sucker for sports Anime. They are kind of ridiculous and exaggerate everything, but they really pull me in and make sports more exciting than the real thing. Haikyuu!! is one about volleyball, focusing on the high school, Karasuno. I also finished the second season of Free! recently, which is about swimming.

What I like about both Haikyuu and Free is that no one has “super powers“, and while they have good players, none of them are perfect. (As much as I love Prince of Tennis, that series was very guilty of this.) They still have cheesy lines and drawn out scenes, but at least the moves they do are somewhat believable. Anyway, Haikyuu is a fun series to watch, and the characters crack me up 🙂 I can see why it’s been so popular lately!

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