August 4th, 2018

Recap: July 2018

Whoops, I didn’t mean to go a month without blogging. I even had several drafts written up, but I just haven’t had the motivation to finish them up. I’ve reached the point of my pregnancy where sleeping is troublesome, so I’m often just… tired. After I come home from work, I have dinner, nap, and then waste time before bed time again. Then the cycle repeats!

More Baby Stuff

We took a birthing class in July! If labor didn’t already freak me out, now I’m still freaked out… but with more knowledge. Though in all seriousness, that was an amazingly informative class. (Spoiler alert: being in labor and giving birth is nothing like what TV and the movies make it out to be.)

That class also made me want to hire a doula. If you don’t know what a doula is, don’t worry. I honestly didn’t know until just a few months ago. They’re kind of like a non-medical labor assistant. They don’t do the medical things that nurses, doctors, or midwives do, but they do stay with you throughout labor and act as your support and advocate. They typically have a variety of techniques to help you cope with labor and get the baby in a good position, and if a decision needs to be made, they make sure you feel informed and confident with what you choose.

Oftentimes when I mention hiring a doula, people assume I’m having an at-home birth, which isn’t the case. Doulas can go to the hospital with you! They can also support you even if you choose medicated pain relief or if you need a C-section.

But anyway, since I was looking for a doula so late in my pregnancy, I wasn’t sure who was still available. Fortunately, the birthing class was taught by a doula who forwarded my request to a doula association. I ended up being contacted by 9 doulas, and we interviewed 6 of them last month. Choosing one and turning down the others was so hard! Honestly, if someone chooses to help women through labor, they are already amazing in my book. But! We have one now, and that already makes me feel a bit better about this whole giving birth thing.


The only hobby I worked on the past month has been toy/figure photography. Last recap, I mentioned that I started my new photography project: Tiny Teabox (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook). I started it with a buffer of photos I already prepared, but because I spent so much of June cleaning up our house and preparing for out-of-town guests, I didn’t get that many new photos taken. I ended up burning through the buffer I had.

So… I worked on taking more photos in July and also on making dioramas for backgrounds! Figuring out how to make tiny furniture has been pretty fun, and I like shopping for miniatures too. Everything is so small and cute! Plus, I’ve found that the toy community is really nice and supportive, so I’m really enjoying being in it.

I currently have a “kiss and cry” set for Yuri on Ice photos, and I have a basic living room set-up that is easy to change around. I plan on working on a Japanese festival set next, since I just got yukata outfits for my figures.

Anyway, starting on Monday (8/6), I begin working remotely until the baby arrives. Since I’m due later this month, there’s probably going to be a break on this blog while I’m dealing with that and getting settled into baby life. I will continue posting on social media though!

6 Responses to “Recap: July 2018”

  • Michelle says:

    I am following you on Instagram aka Tiny Teabox and love it because it’s so cute. I wanna know the details behind the scenes of it and just everything. It’s amazing what you’re doing~

  • Nancy says:

    Hi Cat!!

    You’re so close to the due date!! I’m glad you and hubby are going through birthing and parenting classes to prepare for the little one. It’s great that you had different Doulas to choose from – hope the one you end up with will give you all of the support you need.

    Love the miniature pictures you’ve been taking! Hehe the Yuri on Ice one with the backdrop looks so cute! The onigiri made me laugh.

    Sending you lots of positive vibes in this last stretch!

  • Rezina says:

    Oooh doulas are so cool! I know someone who is currently studying to be a doula! But that is so exciting for you and your family. I love seeing all your Twitter updates. It’s weird because I feel so excited for you and I’ve only ever met you online, haha.

    And your toy photography looks so professional. The photos make the pictures look really lifelike! The Yuri on Ice photos are my favorite and I like the animated effect you added to the last photo <3

  • Claudine says:

    Ahhh! I’ve heard all about these birthing classes! It’s really nice that you and hubby have taken all the opportunities to learn about parentiing and labor before baby arrives! And good decision to hire a doula too! 🙂 I’ve only learned about doulas recently when I read an article about them, it’s amazing that women can get people like them to act as support and help them feel more comfortable about the whole delivery process 🙂

    Those photos of figures and their miniature backgrounds are so adorable and I love how they turned out! So you mean you make all the backgrounds by yourself? It’s so nice that you are still able to make time for hobbies, and you’re creating amazing results:D

  • Xian says:

    Hi Cat!!
    First of all, your nendoroiiiiddddsss!!
    I have that as my new hobby as well and mine’s focus are on Haikyuu boys XD HAHAHAHA! I’ll follow you! 😀

    Good luck on your pregnancy! 🙂

  • Ashley says:

    Haha, I love those pictures! So cute! It has made me want to do more with my figures and maybe collect some nendoroids as well… orz

    My mother told me horror stories of birth and then working for a hospital and all… welp, yeah I can only imagine. That sucks about the not sleeping well bit though.

    I learn something new everyday! The Doula sounds like a great idea. I had no idea they had that.

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