January 1st, 2018

Gaming year in review: 2017

Happy New Year everyone! It’s time for my usual gaming year in review! This is where I briefly review every game I played in the year and pick my favorites. (As always, I only count games that I haven’t played before, are remakes, or have new content – no replays.)

Let’s start with the favorites! These are picked out of the games I played in 2017, which may or may not have been released that year. This time, I’m adding an “honorable mention” since I play way more single player games, and I feel like I miss out on featuring other really good games.

Favorite Single Player: Legend of Zelda – Breath of the Wild
A Zelda game that is unlike other Zelda games, which also exceeded my expectations. I had my doubts on the open world feel, but it was refreshing to see a Zelda game finally break out of its formula. While I wished the Divine Beasts provided more of a challenge, the rest of the world offered more to fill the gap, and I found myself addicted to exploring and doing things at my own pace.

Favorite Multiplayer: Destiny 2
Destiny 2 feels like a MMO/shooter mishmash that doesn’t quite know what it is, but it’s filled that online co-op gap that I’ve been missing. It’s been fun to play with my friends, and I like how different and involved the raids are. I do wish that it had more content, but at least they’re still adding things, and the weekly challenges keep bringing us back in.

Favorite Indie/Download: Pyre
Supergiant excels when it comes to beautiful art, music, and likeable characters. Pyre is probably the most different feeling of their three games, with its decision making gameplay and a combat system that is more like a sports game. I was unsure about it at first, but the more I play it, the more into I get.

Honorable Mention: Tomb Raider
I enjoyed Tomb Raider more than I expected. At first, I didn’t take it seriously because it seemed like everything that could possibly go wrong for Lara does (and continues to). However, it’s the right balance of combat, exploration, and puzzles, making this a great game.

Now for the rest of the games I played in 2017!
(* = I beat the game. | ~ = There’s no ending, but I played a lot of it.)

3DS (2)

* Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
This game is a dream come true for fans of both game series. It was fun to see the two work together and to switch between solving puzzles and defending in court. The puzzles were great, but I felt the court parts were weaker than a typical Phoenix Wright game. I also felt the ending was a let down.

* Zero Time Dilemma
This is the third in the series, and it’s probably the hardest to follow due to the game style of playing in out-of-order snippets. I did really enjoy doing the puzzles and slowly unraveling the story though. I’m also just glad that it ended up being made to (somewhat) wrap up the story! (Since it was canceled at one point.)

PC (9)

Arrow Heads
A pretty simple multiplayer where you try to kill each other with bow and arrow and other power-ups appear through the round. It’s silly fun, but the controls are awkward, and there isn’t much to make it stand out against other similar multiplayer games.

~ Destiny 2
See above.

* Firewatch
Firewatch was an interesting way of storytelling and character development, using dialog between two characters that you don’t ever see the faces of. It had exploration, a bit of suspense, and beautiful scenery. It’s a short game, and the story didn’t totally fit together, but it’s probably worth a play.

Invisigun Heroes
This is a neat concept where everyone is invisible until you shoot or use an ability. It makes it hard to figure out where your opponents are as well as yourself. We thought this was a fun concept, and it’s nice that there’s different game modes to keep things interesting.

Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris
We enjoyed the previous Lara Croft co-op game, but this one didn’t draw us in like the other one did. We didn’t get very far and hope to give it another try some time.

Mass Effect Andromeda
I’m a super huge fan of the original Mass Effect trilogy, so I tried really hard to give Andromeda a chance, even after it had started to bore me. Unfortunately, I had to give up. The pacing of the game felt really unnatural, and though I like open world games, the way it’s done in Andromeda did not appeal to me. Definite disappointment.

See above.

The Witness
I thought this game would be up my alley since I love puzzle games, but I couldn’t really get into this one. The whole feel of the game is very strange, and sometimes the puzzles were interesting while other times they were more of a nuisance.

* Tomb Raider
See above.

Switch (2)

* Breath of the Wild
See above.

* Snipperclips
A super cute co-op game where you snip parts out of each other to solve puzzles, which vary from things like creating shapes or guiding/carrying objects. We loved the creativity in the game and wished it wasn’t so short.

Wii U (3)

* Bayonetta 2
Bayonetta 2 has much of the same feel from the first game with its epic fights and smooth combat mechanics. I still love making combos and activating Witch Time, which slows time if you dodge at the right moment. A very solid sequel to one of my favorite games.

* Pikmin 3
The last Pikmin game I played was the first one, and since then, they’ve made a lot of improvements, especially including extra people so you can divide up tasks easier. I had a lot of fun with this one and the Wii U controller works well with the multitasking aspect.

* Rayman Legends
If you’re a platformer fan, I recommend this one. It’s fun, creative, and has a variety of level styles to keep things interesting. It also has a good mix between “just for fun” levels and ones that are definite challenges.

Xbox 360 (1)

* Batman Arkham Asylum
For the most part, I enjoyed this game, especially when it comes to sneaking around and exploring Arkham island. I think some of the controls and camera angles could have been improved though, and some of the backtracking was annoying.

Virtual Reality (1)

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes
This is a game that tests your teamwork as one person can see the bomb, while everyone else only has a manual in front of them. You have to have constant back-and-forth dialogue to figure out how to disarm it. I played it without VR before, but with the Vive, I think it’s even more fun.

That adds up to a total of 18 games! That is actually fewer than usual, as I typically aim for 30 games. Though, I’ve realized that aiming for that many each year isn’t always realistic since different games have different lengths, and sometimes there’s a game or two that sucks up all my time. (This year, it was Breath of the Wild and Destiny 2.)

I did manage to knock out some games that have been sitting on my backlog for a long time at least, but I do wish I had gotten to more. I will try to play even more this year!

13 Responses to “Gaming year in review: 2017”

  • Tara says:

    18 is still a lot of games! I think that’s quite impressive :3 You’re right about how some game takes more or less time than others! And then you have those games that loves to suck you in . . .

    I’ve not played Layton/Phoenix or the Zero Time Dilemma game. I should play them, as I’ve had them for a couple of years now! I’ll try to get to those soon! Right now I just started Spirits of Justice XD

    Hope you’ll play a lot of great games and clear out more of your backlog this year! ^^

  • Kassy says:

    Wow, you played a lot of games. Even if you didn’t reach the usual 30, it’s still an impressive result! 😀

    I hope you will enjoy playing a lot of great new games in 2018! 😀

  • Nancy says:

    Happy New Year, Cat!

    I love how you’ve made time for gaming! I’ve heard a lot of great things about Destiny 2 – to the point where my guild members from my game left to play Destiny full-time XD. It’s always good whenever a game doesn’t rush you to finish the storyline and there are lots to explore around. It’s great that you’ve been giving indie developers a chance to try out their games!

    I haven’t heard of a lot of these games but I do like how you’ve played games on multiple devices. (Where’s the love for PS?? Just kidding XD). VR games seem fun! It’s so cool that you have the Vive. I’ve tried it out once and love how you can feel like you’re actually doing something.

    18 games is still impressive! Hope you’ll have a chance to knock more games out of your backlog this year!

  • Liv says:

    I was actually looking for this earlier today when I stopped by your blog! YAY!

    No doubt Breath of the Wild probably took up a lot of time you could’ve been playing other games, but I’m sure it was completely worth it! Haha. I played 1-2 hours of it almost every day for 2 months. I agree the Divine Beasts were not as challenging as they could’ve been and once you got the Master Sword even the bosses were a joke. Guess they wanted you to spend all your time collecting weapons to waste them on lynels – the one thing in the game I can’t seem to defeat.

    Supergiant has one illustrator who creates all the amazing art. As a huge Bastion fan, Pyre (and Transistor) are definitely on my list! I’m glad you gave Tomb Raider a good review because that too is on my backlog.

    I must check out Firewatch since I’m looking to be inspired by unique storytelling mechanics.

    And I’ve had Rayman Legends on my list for years – it’s adorable which makes me want to get it, but I stopped myself because I thought I’d be terrible at any platformer – couldn’t even get past the 2nd world in DK Tropical Freeze. I’m so glad Rayman has levels for fun!

  • Shar aka Lee says:

    I’ve watch my husband play Destiny 2 all the time! It’s a great game! My favourite part is when he asks me his opinions on his character’s looks because of the armour is GORGEOUS!! Some of the shaders really make a different. Plus it’s fun when he plays with his friends online. They are a great bunch to watch when they do their raids. If I wasn’t so bad a first shooter games, I would join in too!

  • Katy says:

    Happy New Year!

    Breath of the Wild was a fantastic game, and it certainly shook up the Zelda format as I knew it, but sometimes, I wished it was a little more linear! I dipped in and out of the game, as I was playing Horizon at the same time, and I’m baffled now!

    Pyre looks like a wonderful game! I have it on my wishlist and it’s currently 50% off…I’m very tempted! I haven’t played Destiny or Destiny 2, but they both look very good games. I’m pretty terrible at shooters, but I’d love to give it a go!

    18 games is still a huge amount! I’m struggling to recall what I played this year, but I don’t think I managed 18 games. What games are you looking forward to this year?

    • Cat says:

      I’ve been pretty bad about keeping up with upcoming games lately, so… I’m not sure what I’m looking forward to! Nintendo just announced some remakes for the Switch that look interesting though 🙂

  • Rezina says:

    Wow! I remember this from last year but I’m still amazed at how many games you managed to play. I want to play more games this year too! But I’m kind of horrible at finishing them, so maybe I should finish one of the ones I already own, haha. Pyre sounds really interesting! Breath of the Wild also sounds soooo amazing.

    I also heard that Monster Hunter World is being released this year as well, which sounds exciting!

    Congrats on all your 2017 gaming accomplishments!

  • Mija says:

    We just started Warframe on PC. I dunno how I feel about it just yet… it’s so chaotic that I feel dizzy. We are also still into Fortnite!!! Did you guys get to play it yet?

    • Cat says:

      We haven’t played Fortnite! I have to admit that we haven’t looked into playing it either. Not sure if it’s our type of game!

  • Michelle says:

    Have you played the Danganronpa series? They are made by the same people that created Zero Time Dilemma. I highly suggest the first two, and you can play V3, but, that’s up to you. V3 has a weak ending but, it is worth playing, but Breath of The Wild is amazing. Did you get a chance to play the DLC, yet?

  • Amy-Anne says:

    I’m so mad because I just wrote a killer comment but my phone lost connection and it didn’t post, and it keeeeps happeninggggg. I should have learnt by now, yet here I am attempting to re comment. Basically, I said about how the new game challenges different aspects of Zelda, and that I haven’t played Batman Arkham Asylum but I’ve heard really good things about it – shame about the backtracking and other problems though. Either way, imagine the comment just 10% longer lmao.

    Little Moon Elephant

  • Pauline says:

    This is such an awesome yearly review that I haven’t seen on other blogs! 😀 Thanks so much for sharing!

    OMG I remember when you’d mention Destiny in your other posts in 2017 I would have so much FOMO for not being able to play it! I have done a good job with not gaming so much (because I get addicted so easily) but I’m sure that when I graduate, I will be doing some more gaming! I especially want to play Destiny again because I do fondly remember the multiplayer being a lot of fun!

    Happy New Year Cat!

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